Original gift ideas up to €20

Giving a gift to someone special is more than handing over an object. It's a way to express affection and celebrate unique moments. And this Valentine's Day, we want to help you choose a creative gift and make the experience memorable. This guide presents five unique gift ideas, all with a value of up to €20.

1. For those who have a story to tell

The most memorable gifts often have a narrative of their own.
A book with a personal dedication, with a touch of love that shows care and affection. The perfect gift so that, with small objects, the person can remember you every time they see them.

2. For those who like to match

Sometimes the best gift is to show that you are both the same and different from each other. Consider offering something that is an excuse to buy something for yourself too.
A matching bracelet, necklace, or even a hat. This way, they are always present in each other's daily lives and whenever they look at the object, they will remember each other.

It's these experiences that create lasting memories and provide unforgettable moments, even when separated.

These POKKURU necklaces are very cute and different. You can buy each one in one color, or the same. And there are lots of options.

3. For those who appreciate crafts and local products

Supporting crafts and local production makes gifts unique. From handmade ceramic pieces to locally produced scented candles or even personal care products with natural ingredients. These gifts not only demonstrate care but also value local talent and art.

We have lots of products at BrandZ, created and sold in Portugal. From caps, beanies, backpacks, wallets, soaps, among others.

Extra tip: rutz.pt has lots of national and differentiated products! Take the opportunity to take a look :)

4. For those who pay attention

We tend to talk about films and series that we like. We don't stay silent with that favorite character and sometimes we even recreate moments we see in the movies.

Show that you are paying attention when your partner talks about these topics. A pop figure of is favorite character will make waves.

5.For those that give socks at Christmas

Socks aren't just for Christmas. Sometimes, we just want to offer a little treat and show love. These heart socks are really cute and perfect for the day-to-day of whoever receives them :) There's no excuse for having cold feet anymore.

Choosing a gift is a way of showing affection and appreciation. In Portugal, the diversity of options for unique gifts goes beyond the conventional. At BrandZ, we seek to offer original ideas that delight those who receive them and celebrate special moments memorably and uniquely.

We hope these suggestions inspire you to discover alternatives for unusual gifts, making every occasion a truly special experience!

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